What People are Saying

Over the past several years, thousands of Canadians from across the country have provided their ideas to help us shape the Plan for Canada’s Capital. Browse some of these below.

Suggest creating a water theme park and outdoor concert venue on western part of Dow's lake … and possible development of a real snow slide in winter for Winterlude.

Benches in different neighbourhoods and public spaces that are designed by different Canadian artists or sponsored by school/organization/community.

Have a LRT station at Confederation Square. Name of station: Cpl. Nathan Cirillo. Visionary planners consider viability of a transportation system requires a signature, symbolic destination.

National Skating Facility on LeBreton flats with public year round skating rinks and skating museum. Could be integrated with an NHL rink.

I would like to see the Chaudière Islands turned into a Canadian Heritage Site that honours ancient aboriginal wisdom and ecological sustainable values by creating peace gardens, parkland, and free flowing falls

I would suggest developing the Rideau canal with restaurants, protect parklands and have separate bike and pedestrians paths

What the capital really needs more than anything is a ring road system of interconnecting highways/bridges. It favors business, tourism, getting trucks out of the core and just plain old getting around efficiently.

Plant more trees instead of installing monuments.

Celebrate the Central Experimental Farm in the heart of the Capital. …develop a public awareness program …so when Canadians come to visit, they will learn what the CEF has done and continues to do to contribute to Canada's standing as an agricultural powerhouse.

I believe the capital has a need for indoor community gardens. …Our city is under snow for half the year but that doesn't mean we can't continue to grow our own food.

… bury the Queensway - at least from Nicholas to Carling -…Imagine having a wide linear green space through the portion of land now occupied by the Queensway and sewing back together again neigbourhoods split apart by its construction.

A huge tall clock tower demarking Canada's 200 years with areas within it to insert time capsules. It should be in the downtown core to be part of every Canada day festivities

We do not need more bricks and mortar for sure. This city has amazing green spaces and they should be protected.

Allow some permanent waterfront development. …Ottawa rarely feels like a city with a canal and river running through it because you only see them if you are travelling somewhere.

There should be more transit systems built - to get some of the cars off of the road. The light rail should continue for years to come.

Attract a new United Nations agency to Ottawa

I would like to propose the creation of a heritage river trail along the mighty Ottawa, …an on-land and in-water route that brings the natural history of the river, into the cultural history of the capital…. I never had a more Canadian moment than when I sailed down the Ottawa.

Form a Capital District which includes both Ottawa and Gatineau - one that neither belongs to Ontario or to Quebec - but a federal district that belongs to all Canadians.

Leave all parking lots along parkways open year round so citizens & visitors can access nature regardless of ability or mode

Put solar panels on 24 Sussex Dr.& an organic garden

I still think a water slide at the parliament going into the river would be AWESOME! ;)

It is alarming to me just how much the concept of "Two Solitudes" can be seen in the NCR. The river that separates Ottawa and Gatineau is thin, but can sometimes feel as though the two cities are worlds apart. I wish there was more closeness and dialogue between them.

Create a ring-road in the outer reaches of this new Region so that heavy truck traffic need not go through the centre of the urban area as it does now.

Build a new home for the Prime Minister of Canada. One that will show Canadian ingenuity. A smart home that is eco friendly.

One milestone project would be to have an edible forest project in every Ottawa ward possible with an adoption process by schools and community centers to take care of them.