Canadians’ Views

Canadians of all ages and from all regions had an opportunity to share their ideas about the future of the Capital during the development of this plan. In 2011 and 2012, the NCC conducted a national engagement strategy to consult widely about their views on the Capital. More than 22,000 were reached through various means, including regional forums held across the country, followed by a web-based survey. A special issue of Canadian Geographic magazine presented the challenges that the Capital faces. In response, over three quarters of Canadians surveyed believed they should have a say in the planning of their capital. In 2016, the NCC garnered over 1,800 responses to its call for 17 inspiring ideas to help shape the Capital over the next 50 years.

The draft plan was posted online for one month. A total of 325 people visited the site, and more than 50 percent completed the NCC questionnaire, commenting on the three themes and goals that are elaborated in the following chapters.