What People are Saying

Over the past several years, thousands of Canadians from across the country have provided their ideas to help us shape the Plan for Canada’s Capital. Browse some of these below.

Insist that the redevelopment of LeBreton Flats,… creates a TRULY WORLD CLASS UNIQUE space, not a mixed commercial/cultural development that could be found in any city in the western world.

Ottawa needs an Indigenous Peoples Law School and Library and also an Indigenous Museum.

Make an ice skate trail in Gatineau Park.

The National Capital hosting an international event such a World Exhibition between 2020 and 2067

It would be great to have a new arena for the Sens downtown on LeBreton Flats.

Develop a framework to encourage street art and murals by dedicating funds and reducing the barriers for businesses to have their exterior walls painted with murals. Public art goes a long way to making a city feel vibrant.

Do less mowing along pathways and parkways and in other green spaces.

One worthwhile milestone project should include refurbishment ( to full operational capability) of one steam locomotive owned by the Museum of Science and Technology.

Re-start the National Portrait Gallery plan! It should be located in Ottawa, on or near Parliament Hill. I would be happy to volunteer on this project.

Completely reimagine Confederation Drive and transform it into a car-free public space that caters to pedestrians and cyclists

Use sand instead of salt to combat the snow and ice- it has less impact on both the environment and our shoes!

I think the Prince of Whales Bridge should be converted in a bike path. The structure is already there but unused since a couple of years. It would be also safer if the bridge was redesign for cyclists and pedestrians.

A train station or new library on Lebreton flats would be better than another hockey rink.

We should replace the "eternal" flame with a beautiful sculpture which doesn't burn fossil fuels,…using natural light, water and wind to honour Confederation without harming the Earth.

It would be really nice if there could be a proper venue for the tulip festival every year... the Dow's lake area really just doesn't have the same vibe as Major Hill's Park.

Build no new bridges across the Ottawa River; consider tunnels instead; integrate public transit on both sides of the River.

Something that makes Ottawa-Gatineau more representative of all of Canada. … When I visit from Saskatchewan I want to see, to some extent, how and where I belong. This is my capital too.

I would love to see a pub or restaurant be incorporated into the Parliament Hill revitalization project…. another great opportunity to promote civility and camaraderie amongst MP's and staffers.

…should concentrate on protecting untouched wilderness corridors rather than planting trees–save the ones that are already there!

Put the train station BACK in the original train station. Make it the hub of the downtown as it once was.

How about "pavilions" or "hospitality houses" for each province and territory? I am from Manitoba, and I have noticed that many people in Ottawa come from other provinces.

A botanical garden. …one of those world class gardens that people have on their bucket list to see.

Bring back the giant toboggan run

Water taxis on the canal!

Build a world class central library on Lebreton flats (please not another arena!) surrounded by beautiful green spaces.